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The first commercial brewery in Shamokin PA in over 46 years!

From Hobby to Obsession

Lost Mined Brewing Company started out in a small pot on the kitchen stove.  After a few early experiments, owner Dennis Kaleta progressed into a half barrel 'brew shed' in the back yard.  Next up... a one-barrel, gas-fired 55-gallon system boasting two 1-barrel temperature control fermenters, a 15 gallon hopback, and a grain crush that could handle 5 pounds per minute.

And then......................

the magic happened.

A local bar & restaurant went up for sale and Dennis's community of friends and family pulled together to donate time, labor, ideas, and even money.  They helped raise the funds to remodel and purchase larger scale brewery equipment. Their dedication and support were the key ingredients in making the dream of a brewery into a reality.  

Full-Bodied Beer. House-made Food. Coal Region Pride.

From the custom-built 30 brew tap system to the historic collection of mining artifacts on display -- no detail was overlooked. Lost Mined is a celebration of the Anthracite coal region, and a proud sponsor of the AOAA Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area. 


We cook good food,  serve margaritas and Mexican on Thursdays, and most importantly -- We brew full-bodied beers you can enjoy
after a day of working, playing, riding  -- or mining coal.


30 Taps  |  House-made Food  |   Bike & ATV Friendly 

ATV's welcome! Visit us in Shamokin, PA off of the AOAA city portal trail!

The old mining trails and land formations surrounding Shamokin, PA are now among the best off-road trails in the country.  Largely the result of strip mining, the region is filled with a vast network of  rugged terrain, water features, and steep climbs.   Enjoy your off-road mountain adventures - we know you'll love the AOAA trails! 


You can ride your ATV or bike to Lost Mined Brewery & Restaurant from the AOAA trails - just connect to the Shamokin Portal and head to 100 S Market St, Shamokin PA  17872.   Enjoy a craft brew.  Snack on a coal region favorite like kielbasa and piergies. Jam out to live music on a Sunday.  

The decor of our restaurant pays tribute to the mining history that created the network of trails that now make up the AOAA.  A stop at Lost Mined Brewing Company gives you a glimpse into how it was all created. There are coal mining artifacts and memorabilia on display -- old mining maps, photos, mining tools, and if you're lucky -- you'll get to hear a local tale or two from the owner. 

About The Brewery

The first commercial brewery in Shamokin in 46 years! 

Nearly everything at Lost Mined is custom crafted, and the brewery is no exception.  We've installed a 5-barrel brewery in the rear of our restaurant which houses our craft brewing equipment:


200-gallon stainless steel insulated mash tun
Converts the starches in crushed grains into sugars for fermentation


240-gallon stainless steel  insulated brew kettle
Boils the wort from the mash tun, hops, and any flavorings that are added; breaking down the sugars to be more easily fermented


Two 196-gallon, and two 119-gallon stainless steel fermenters
Turns the boiled wort into beer; done by adding yeast and giving them some time to eat the sugars, creating alcohol as a by-product

A custom-made electric brewery controller
Built to our exact needs with the ability to monitor and control various temperatures, times, and volumes used throughout the brewing process

From Coal Mining to Off-Roading

The Coal Mining History of Shamokin, PA


After exploring the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area in your jeep, ATV, or truck -  be sure to follow the AOAA City Portal Trail to visit Lost Mined Brewing Company & Restaurant on Market Street in Shamokin.  We're known for our large collection of brews - we keep a rotating selection of 30 beers on tap plus a full lineup of cocktails, mocktails, and wines.  We serve both lunch and dinner Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, focusing on house-made specialties that highlight our coal region history.


Speaking of history, Lost Mined pays tribute to the hard work of the coal miners who built our town and created the extensive network of trails that now make up the AOAA.  

We have a collection of original mining maps, artifacts, tools, and more on display at our brewpup.  Come to Lost Mined to experience the best of the coal region!

Shamokin Mining History began in 1836 

"The first colliery was built in 1857, destroyed by fire in 1888, rebuilt in 1890...with mining ending in 1970.  The colliery operated for 134 years, with peak employment of 1,420". 

"The Glen Burn mined 33,353,000 tons of coal and had 217 fatalities. It was the site of the world's largest man made culm bank. The colliery was dismantled in 2000". 

Interested in learning more about coal region history?