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30 Ta​ps 

Beer Style by Color:

We've built a color coded beer menu that showcases our own beers while providing a variety of others aimed at satisfying every palette.  The list changes weekly, so check back to see what is currently available.

Red Double, Triple, Quad
Belgian, Hefe Wheat
IPA, Pale Ale
Porter, Stout
Cider, Domestic White, Pilsner, Lager
Brown, Copper
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Subject to change and usually there are 20 or more of ours on tap

Red Ash Ale: 3.8 ABV, 20.6 IBU. A crisp Irish red, low ABV and full flavor, this ale has a smooth roasted taste. Brewed with Maris Otter and Crystal malts.

Brainwash Blonde Ale: 4.1 ABV, 22.8 IBU. Known for its simplicity, this low ABV blonde ale is approachable, easy drinking, round, and smooth.

Brainwash blackberry **fruit changes*** Blonde Ale: 4.8 ABV, 22.8 IBU. A light, blonde ale with a nice blackberry flavor.

Lost English Ale: 6.2 ABV, 42.6 IBU. An English-style Ale, ESB (extra special bitter). We used English hops and grains for an authentic traditional brew. This style is rarely produced anymore.
Diffusion Wheat: 5.3 ABV, 10.4 IBU. A well-balanced American Wheat, crisp with extra body.

Cherry Diffusion Wheat: 8.2 ABV, 12.1 IBU. A well-balanced and crisp wheat with cherries.

Cranberry **fruit changes*** not seasonal - Diffusion Wheat: 8.2 ABV, 12.1 IBU. A refreshing and crisp wheat with cranberries.

Optical Illusion: 6.5 ABV, 24.5 IBU. A wheat beer turned IPA, having deeper color and maltiness with a citrus finish. This one breaks the rules.

Bore Hole #3 Sour Cherry (sour): 7.2 ABV, 68.7 IBU. A soured beer using sour cherry, just enough sour to let the sour cherry flavor shine through.

Bore Hole #4 Watermelon  sour: 7.2  ABV, 68.7 IBU. A soured beer using watermelon and sea salt that is light refreshing and perfect for a warm day.

Mind Dust IPA: 6.8 ABV, 18.9 IBU. An easy-drinking, mild New England IPA with a touch of maltiness. Eight different hops are added at four intervals during the brewing and fermenting processes.

**fruit changes***

Black Currant Mind Dust IPA: 7.0 ABV, 55.9 IBU. A tart New England IPA with lots of hop flavor and a signature currant finish.  This is our biggest seller.

Barley Coal Stout: 8.2 ABV, 20.7 IBU. A oatmeal stout, rich roasted flavors and complex character.  Surprisingly smooth and creamy (also on nitro).

Day Dream Porter: 8.2 ABV, 18.6 IBU. A chocolate oatmeal milk stout with rich roasted flavors and complex character.

Tropical Dream Porter: 8.4 ABV, 18.6 IBU. A chocolate oatmeal milk stout with coconut

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